Secret memoirs of the Court of Petersburg

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0 0 |a Secret memoirs of the Court of Petersburg :|b1 Particularly towards the end of the reign of Catharine II and the commencement of that of Paul I forming a description of the manners of Petersburg at the close of the eighteenth century, and containing various anecdotes, collected during a residence of ten years in that capital, Together with remarks on the education of the Grand Dukes, the manners of the ladies, and the religion of the people = |b2 Translated from the French. =|b2 In Two Volumes-Vol. II
_ _ |a London |b T.N. Longman and O. Rees |c 1800
_ _ |a [v], 219 p.
_ _ |a In English
_ 0 |a History
0 _ |a சரபோஜி மன்னர் தொகுப்பு # History,
_ _ |8 சரசுவதி மகால் நூலகம் |8 Caracuvati makāl nūlakam
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