A new and complete, dictionary of arts and sciences

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0 0 |a A new and complete, dictionary of arts and sciences :|b1 comprehending all the branches of useful knowledge, with accurate descriptions as well of the various machines, instruments, tools, figures, and schemes necessary for illustrating them, as of the classes, kinds, preparations, and uses of natural productions, whether animals, vegetables, minerals, fossils, or fluids ; together with the kingdoms, provinces, cities, towns and other remarkabe places throughout the world. illustrated with above three hundred copper-plates, engraved by Mr. Jefferys, geographer to his majesty. the whole extracted from the best authors in all languages |c by a society of gentlemen |n Vol. 1
_ _ |a Second edition
_ _ |a London |b W. Owen |c 1763
_ _ |a xvi, 840 p. |b ill.
_ _ |a In English
_ 0 |a Dictionary
_ _ |8 சரசுவதி மகால் நூலகம் |8 Caracuvati makāl nūlakam
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அகராதிகள் - Dictionaries
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