The bee proffers honey but bears a sting

nam a22 7a 4500
230421b ii d00 0 tam d
_ _ |a 40793
_ _ |a IN-ChTVA |d IN-ChTVA
0 _ |a Dibdin, Charles, Junior
0 0 |a The bee proffers honey but bears a sting :|b1 the celebrated ballad =|b2 sung by Mr. Broadhurst at Sadler's wells theatre, in the Venetian water romance of the council of ten |c written by C. Dibdin, Junr; composed and arranged for the piano forte or harp, by W. Reeve
_ _ |a London |b Button & Whitaker
_ _ |a 4 p.
_ _ |a In English
_ 0 |a Arts |v Music
0 _ |a சரபோஜி மன்னர் தொகுப்பு # Music Notes, Piano, Harp, Allegretto, A knight with a dark, The knight so gallant, German Flute, Spanish Guitar
_ _ |8 சரசுவதி மகால் நூலகம் |8 caracuvati makāl nūlakam
_ _ |a TVA_BOK_0040793
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