The Edinburgh new dispensatory

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220531b1797 ii d00 0 tam d
_ _ |a 28532
_ _ |a IN-ChTVA |d IN-ChTVA
0 _ |a Lewis, William |d 1708-1781
0 0 |a The Edinburgh new dispensatory :|b1 Containing, I. The elements of pharmaceutical chemistry. II. The materia medica or, An account of the different substances employed in medicine, III. The pharmaceutical preparations and medicinal compositions of the latest editions of the London and Edinburgh pharmacopoeias =|b2 with the additions of the most approved formulae, from the best foreign pharmacopoeias,the whole interspersed with practical cautions and observations, and enriched with the latest discoveries in natural history, chemistry, and medicine, with new tables of elective attractions of antimonial and mercurial preparations, and several copperplates of the most convenient furnaces, and principal pharmaceutical instruments being an improvement of the New dispensatory |c by Dr. Lewis
_ _ |a Fourth edition
_ _ |a Edinburgh |b William Creech |c 1797
_ _ |a xxxi, 622 p.
_ _ |a In English
_ 0 |a Medicine |v Pharmacology & therapeutics
0 _ |a சரபோஜி மன்னர் தொகுப்பு # Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Pharmaceutical science
_ _ |8 சரசுவதி மகால் நூலகம் |8 caracuvati makāl nūlakam
_ _ |a TVA_BOK_0028532
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